Durahold is constructed of a needle-punched synthetic fiber that prevents decomposition and shredding, minimizing mildew and odors even if damp. The backing is a superior natural latex Royal Lavender formulation in a new hexagon tread pattern, providing the highest degree of non-slip traction. Thermal-set ridges on the upper surface running in multiple directions enable the pad to grip to the rug more effectively and prevents lateral movenemt in any direction. Use over any hard floor, wood, tile stone, brick, terrazzo, laminate, etc. for an optimum combination of non-skid safety and protection agaisntpremature wear. Hypo-allergenic; 100% synthetic; ideal for radiant heat floors.


MSM Rug Pads

  • Rugstop – Light weight, economical pad provides minimal cushioning.

  • Allstop – Medium weight provides moderate cushioning

  • Superstop – Heavy weight provides good cushioning

  • For hard-surface installations.

  • Made from superior quality polyester fabric coated with high-grade vinyl  compound.

  • Balanced open-weave construction that allows maximum air circulation.

  • Extends the life of the rug by providing a smooth, supportive base.

  • Added thickness gives the pad a rich, luxurious feel and supports the rug evenly to
    help retain it's appearance.

  • Features superior grip strength to keep the rug from slipping and sliding on hard surfaces.

  • Easily cut to fit any size with household scissors.

  • Treated with anti-microbial to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.Will not stain, discolor, or stick to flooring or rug.




Teebaud is coated on both sides with a very specially formulated 100% water based adhesive that mildly adheres to floors and fibers without forming a permanent bond. Teebaud is one of the finest non-skid rug underlays on the market today. It prevents a rug from wrinkling, buckling, crawling or moving on any type of flooring (hard floors as well as wall-to-wall carpet). Because teebaud is made of a polyester-foam material it provides a reversible non-skid pad. The two components give the pad enough body to resist horizontal pressure, thus avoiding the buckling effect of the pad under the rug.



Whether your rugs are placed on a hard surface floor or over carpet, Rug Washing Unlimited has the appropriate underlayment for you.  We will custom cut them to fit your rugs. Call us at 604-553-2020 for a free estimate.


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